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Our office offers consultancy services for any matter that may arise in your personal life or in your transactions. This avoids unpleasant situations and avoids unreasonable costs of a possible litigation. 

Further more we offer:

Lawyer with Clients

Family Law services

Divorce, Claim child support, parent-child communication claim, Child custody,Paternity Dispute & Child Paternity Recognition etc

Stack of Books

Inheritance Law services:

Probate, Legality matters. Infringement of a will or inheritance right, heritage acceptance, bequest or trust, Inheritance, inheritance disclaimer, Hereditary Society, Certificate of inheritance

Judge's Gavel on Books

Banking Law services

Outdoors Meeting

Labor Law services:

Legal advice at all stages of the employment relationship,

Business Meeting

Extrajudicial dispute resolution servicesMediation services

Court Room

Judicial ClaimsJudicial resolution of civil  disputes Submission of Oppositions and Applications for interim measures

Medical Touch

Medical liability compensation Claims

Signing a Contract

Real Estate & Property law

Actions for the Protection of Ownership, Real Estate Distribution, procedures before the National Land Registry, as well as the competent Land Registry, ownership titles validation, Real estate investments etc

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